Hi there!

My name is Chaudhry Junaid Anwar and I work as a Principal Software Engineer with Caremerge. Welcome to my personal pages hosted using GitHub Pages.

My Skills

My primary experience is in JavaScript development including Node.js backend development and Reactjs frontend development. I have expertise in MySQL, Redis, Rabbitmq, Postgres, Expressjs, Sequelize, lodash and other skills. I am comfortable with different programming paradigms including structured, object oriented and functional programming. I have been writing code since 2002 when my father gifted me my first personal computer. I did hobbyist programming in C\C++ for many years before I started developing in JavaScript in 2012.

My skills also include soft skills such as communication skills, estimation skills, and other technical skills like testing my own code and writing unit tests for my code.


Please email to

You can also find me on LinkedIn.


When not developing software or learning about computer programming, I love to learn human languages including French and Arabic. I also love to spend time outdoors and with my family. I also spend time learning new computer languages and reading programming books to sharpen my skills.

Future interests

C\C++, Java, Python, LISP, Golang, Rust

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